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Special Offers

Special Offers


LeadSpring Special Offer

LeadSpring has partnered with Pranary to bring social selling, thought leadership and outreach services to our incredible community of entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs.

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Limited availability - Watch while it's up

Catch this outstanding recording from the Elevate Your Impact Summit

30 Minutes to change the trajectory of your business (and life...)

Sarah Dusek started a business from scratch, with no savings, no experience, and no investment. After 7 years of doing business, she encountered 4 questions that changed her business, and life. In this 30 minute video, she explains what those questions are, and how they transformed her business from a profitable entity, to a 100 million dollar enterprise in less than a year!!! 

Are you ready for transformation?
Watch her keynote session on How to go from startup to industry leader now

Learn what it Takes to Succeed from Africa's Top Tech Angel Investor


Zachariah, managing partner at
Launch African Ventures, shares the essentials for thriving in Africa's economy & what pitfalls to avoid when pitching for investment. 

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The 4 critical questions every CEO must answer to achieve big results


Mark Moses, CEO Coaching International, shares his top insights to thinking big in businesses and taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals.  

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Secrets to Launch Your Startup Successfully from Scratch


Mo and Michelle - founders of Mo's Crib - built a sustainable brand from the ground up, and are now in big retailers and the international market. Learn from their story as they share their strategies, lessons, highlights, and challenges along the way.  

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The Investor Attraction Blueprint

How to Secure Funding Without the Guesswork and Rejection
Get our fundraising guide complete with a comprehensive investor database, a pitch deck template, and a step-by-step checklist to ensure you're always ready to impress potential investors

Investor Database


Download the Pranary Investor Database now and get access to our contacts for VCs and Angel Investors.

Remember to do your research before approaching an investor. They need to be a fit for your geographic area, your industry (if relevant) and your vision and values. 

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Is Your Business Investible?

Includes Investor Readiness Assessment

Ensure your business is ready for investment. Click on the image to read the post, then download the companion assessment and determine the investor-readiness of your business. 

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Pitch Deck Template

Download our 10-slide pitch deck template here. Remember to edit the style and content to match your industry. 

  • Suitable for in-person and virtual presentations
  • Contains the essential elements needed in a pitch
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Pitch Deck Guide

Use this guide while using the 10-slide pitch deck template to complete your personalised pitch.

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Pitching Checklist


By using this checklist as a guide, you can ensure that you are well on your way to impress investors and convey the value of your business effectively.

  • Step by step guide
    Ensure you are
  • positioning yourself for success with investors
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Pitch Deck Guide


Take this 20 minute course and discover exactly how to create a professional pitch deck that attracts investors.

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Expert tips to secure investment

Includes companion workbook

Enhance your journey towards securing the investment you need to drive your business forward. Click on the image to read the post, then download the companion workbook to dive deeper into what it means for you. 

Download Workbook

Get the ultimate playbook for raising investment in Africa for 2023 and beyond

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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Approaching Investors and Pitching Your Business

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Get these Essential Insights that every founder needs to know when aiming to get funding for their business

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Rapid Business Growth Formula

How to scale your business without the trial and error 
Discover the proven Business Growth blueprint that has transforms startups into scale ups

Assess your business growth readiness

Free Download

Complete this self assessment on your readiness for business growth based on the level of your marketing and sales strategies.

Download the Pranary Assessment now.

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Business Growth Hacks eBook

Growth is essential - whether you are newly launched or well established. 

So, if you're looking for guidance to implement your first growth strategy, accelerate your growth trajectory or get out of a slump, this is the guide for you. 

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Marketing Mastery eBook

Marketing fuels your business growth and is an essential part of any growth strategy. 

So, if you're looking for guidance to draw up a powerful marketing strategy, plan and tactics to elevate your presence and boost consumer readiness, this guide is especially for you.

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Competing as a small brand in digital marketing 

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Unlock Your Sales Potential: Sales Mastery Tips From Vinesh Maharaj

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These 3 critical keys are guaranteed to grow your business

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Digital Mastery Guide

How to skyrocket your online marketing and revenue without being a tech guru
Uncover the secrets of digital marketing with this guide, ensuring you reach your target audience effectively every time

Ad spend for small businesses eBook

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Maximise your Google Spend. Download this eBook from Adbot to discover how you can make the most of your digital marketing.

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Useful Free Tech Tools

Start Using These Today

Get our useful collection of absolutely free tech tools that you can start using in your business today to increase productivity and save time.

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SEO AI automation
Design - Logo, mockup designs and ad creative

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