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Expert Guidance For Your Strategic Blueprint for 2024!

Gain invaluable insights and strategies for 2024 with Sandras Phiri, an experienced entrepreneur and founder of Pranary. His practical approach to business has empowered countless entrepreneurs to transform their ventures and achieve sustainable success.

Prepare for a transformative evening at The Pranary Business Growth Networking Event, where strategic planning meets real-world application.

Whether you are in the early stages of your entrepreneurial journey or looking to take your established business to new heights, this workshop is tailored to your needs.



Wednesday 29 November  |  18:00  |  Workshop17  |  138 West Str  |  Sandton

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Cape Town


Wednesday 6 December | 17:30 | AfricaWorks | 7 Bree Str | Cape Town CBD

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Join 7,500+ people and the companies redefining the tech industry

WebSummit has been described as the world's premier tech summit where the future goest to be born. Hosting world-class speakers that are industry leaders across the globe. 

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Visit the #1 startup ecosystem in the world

Join over 10,000 people from around the world at the Startup Grind Global Conference in the US for an unmatched learning experience and visit some of the top universities, accelerators, and companies in the world.

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Lessons from the founder of two unicorns


Uri Levine, co-founder of Waze and Moovit, shares the formula he used to build these companies past the billion dollar mark while competing with industry veterans and giants alike.

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Top go-to-market tips from one of the fastest growing online schools in Africa


Discover how to solve the most critical challenges facing all founders in pre-launch and early-stage!

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Lessons from tech hardware & mining tech investors

Nick Allen &  Sahil Affriya

These co-founders of Savant investments share how to turn ideas and concepts into products and businesses.  

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How Founders Can Respond to COVID-19


Steve Blank, Entrepreneur, educator, author, speaker & inventor of The Lean Startup, shares insights on how to respond to external shocks like Covid. 

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How to build billion-dollar companies


Sriram, an investor and partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, discloses the secrets to building valuable companies.

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Learn from the Creator of Ruby on Rails & Co-founder of Basecamp


DHH, best-selling author, founder, programmer & racing driver, shares how to build well and maintain balance in your life. 

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How to create products people love to use


Nir Eyal, author, lecturer and investor, shares his top tips on ensuring customers love your products.  

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Why startups need a strategic narrative


Andy, a Silicon Valley pitch guru, reveals the importance of having your strategic narrative in place. 

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Learn what it Takes to Succeed from Africa's Top Tech Angel Investor


Zachariah, managing partner at
Launch African Ventures, shares the essentials for thriving in Africa's economy & what pitfalls to avoid when pitching for investment. 

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Failing to Win
Hard-earned lessons from the ex-CEO of Zoona


Mike Quinn, former CEO of Zoona, reveals how to handle the struggles of entrepreneurship and build amidst challenges.

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The 4 critical questions every CEO must answer to achieve big results


Mark Moses, CEO Coaching International, shares his top insights to thinking big in businesses and taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals.  

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Inside Secrets of Great Silicon Valley founders


Mark, the Executive Faculty Director at UC Berkeley, shares his top tips on what makes a successful business.

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How to Get Funded


Investor Sarah Dusek reveals exactly what she looks for in businesses she funds. Get the inside scoop on how to pitch to investors in a way that really stands out and convinces them you are a good investment.

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Retail Partnership Secrets


Co-founders of Mo's Crib, a home decor brand shaking up their industry.

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Digital marketing essentials for small businesses


Michelle Geere, CEO and Founder of Adbot - a digital marketing tool that empowers all small and medium size businesses in Africa to successfully advertise online.

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How to Hire the Best Employees for your Business

With Sasha Knott,
MD, Job Crystal.

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Digital Marketing Insights

With Michelle Geere,
CEO, Adbot.

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From Bootstrapping to Raising R4m Investment

With Michele Carelse,
CEO & Founder
Feelgood Health

How To Build the Multi- Million Dollar Business of Your Dreams

With Sarah Dusek,
Managing general partner,
Enygma Ventures.

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Secrets to launch your startup successfully from scratch

With Mo and Michelle Mokone,
Mo's Crib. 

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The 3 Growth Blockers & Winning Strategies for Business Growth

With Tim Holmes,
Executive director,
Sirdar Group. 

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