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Free Webinar: Thurs 8 June | 19:00 CAT 

Harness the Potential of ChatGPT to Transform Your Business...


Attention business owners and team leaders! 
Discover how to save time and money while increasing productivity with ChatGPT and other AI tools. 

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Cape Town

Special Guest: Lars Veul
Director & Co-Founder, Pargo

Join Lars Veul to gain invaluable insights from his expertise in scaling operations, driving innovation, and achieving success in the competitive business landscape.

His revolutionary approach to logistics and operations has reshaped delivery services across Africa, making him an unparalleled expert.

Wednesday 7 June  |  17:30  |  AfricaWorks  |  7 Bree Str | Cape Town CBD

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Special Guests: Ego Iwegbu
Co-Founder of The Good Mineral

As an author of two business books and a mentor to many, Ego shares her experiences and insights to support start-up and established business owners alike. 

Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired by her journey and discover essential strategies for building your own successful business.


Wednesday 28 June  |  18:00  |  Workshop17  |  138 West Street

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Grow your business, grow your career, grow your leadership and personal fulfilment with the Pranary Game Changer Premium programme. Get expert training, guidance and inspiration from founders, professionals and practitioners. This is a practical programme to help you navigate the fast changing world of work and business. 

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Join us in Cape Town for this 3 day conference with founders, leaders and innovators across Africa. Get equipped, connect, and redefine your future. 

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Join WebSummit 2023, the world's premier tech event, for unmatched networking, lead generation, and learning opportunities.


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Experience the startup capital of the world on our Silicon Valley tour in 2024, attend the Startup Grind conference and visit acclaimed companies and universities in the area. 

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We Have the Formula to Help You Build a Valuable Business and Live a Fulfilled Life. 

We Have the Formula to Help You Build a Valuable Business and Live a Fulfilled Life. 

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Game Changer Premium

Join Pranary's programme for game changing entrepreneurs and professionals

Looking for growth in your business and your profession? Look no further than Pranary Game Changer Premium. Get the support you need, benefit from personalised advice and expert training, access valuable resources, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for success

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Pitch Perfect

The ultimate Investor Pitching Course

Learn how to pitch for investment with this online self-paced course. Even if you're not connected to investors. Our expert guidance will cover everything from creating your pitch deck to approaching investors and exploring funding options.

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Don't take our word for it...

Don't take our word for it...

"I absolutely love what Pranary is about. It’s a practical school for entrepreneurs all about what exactly is needed to get you to the next level and to get you funding that you need."

The Good Mineral
South Africa

"What Pranary offers is something that is so unique in the market, especially for entrepreneurs that want to grow and scale businesses."

Black Mamba Foods
South Africa

"I would say Pranary is like a guide, a tool kit an entrepreneur needs to ensure that they can enact on their growth strategy and really ensure real impact."

South Africa

Caley van der Kolk

AYA Africa

Caley van der Kolk is the co-founder of AYA Africa - one of the first companies to win investment after their Pranary programme completion. In this video clip Caley shares the ways in which her participation in Pranary has and continues to impact her business..


As a young entrepreneur business decisions are especially daunting. I met Sandras at a watershed moment in my business when navigating difficult business choices became particularly challenging. His immense knowledge and ability to translate challenges into growth, together with his skill of seeing obstacles from a bird’s eye view has provided me with a clear path to business success. Sandras’ guidance has proven valuable on a business but also personal front as he understands that both areas don’t operate as silos but as a unit. I can honestly say that I have more confidence in myself and my business with Sandras’ strategic guidance.

Jeanri-Tine Van Zyl
Feed That Bird Communications
CEO & Founder

My two biggest wins from working with Sandras have been understanding how individual values and traits play a massive role on results, both on the personal and business front as well as his guidance on strategies to rise above working in my business to working on it. In his calm focused way, Sandras helped me draw out strategies that have set me on a clear exciting path for growth. His feedback is clear, thought-provoking and relevant. I highly recommend him to my friends in business.

Chomba Bowa
Mekari Cake Bar & Café
CEO & Founder

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