Pranary Presents

REV Africa Summit

Join our annual revenue accelerator summit

Cape Town, Friday 19 November, 2021

It's time to upgrade your thinking!

Why struggle with old ways of working when others are already beating you to the market with new ways?

No matter how talented or hard working you are, there will be people (who are not as talented, experienced or even as hard working as you) who will get 10 times your results.


By learning and using cutting edge strategies to keep up with the times.
“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence—it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”
Peter Drucker
Founders of the modern business school of thought

In a world of rapid growth and change, you can't afford to be left behind in your old ways of thinking. 

Make the adjustment NOW!

What will you learn?

Get Business Growth Strategies that Work

Accelerate your business growth and multiply your revenue with strategies for the modern era of business.

Apply Modern Approaches to Marketing and Sales

Utilise cutting-edge approaches to marketing and sales that will set you apart from your competitors and generate increased revenue.

Utilise Tech to Make your Mark and Build Momentum

Harness the power of modern tech platforms to support your strategies and systems for growth and sustainability.

What's included?

A seat at the Rapid Results Conference

Get access to the in-person live event or join us virtually.

Access to conference Replays and Resources

Get lifetime access to replays of all conference sessions and all accompanying resources.

Early Sign-up Bonuses

  • FREE Access to Goal-Setting Course
  • FREE Access to Digital Marketing Training session
  • EXCLUSIVE Business Growth Q&A session
  • EXCLUSIVE BEE compliance training session (SA Citizens)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of this conference?

This conference will be presented in-person as well as virtually on Zoom. Sandras Phiri- the CEO and Founder of Pranary, will host the event, and various powerful guest presentations will also be featured. 

What is the benefit of attending this event?

Not only will you access the power of networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, but you will also get equipping in the most cutting edge strategies and practices needed for business growth in the new business landscape. 

What about Covid restrictions?

We will implement all the necessary Covid-19 precautions and ensure the in-person event meets the required capacity restrictions. In the rare instance of all live events being cancelled, the event will continue virtually, and any difference in price will be refunded accordingly. There is no financial risk to signing up early.