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Create a professional pitch deck that attracts investors

Ready to impress investors with a pitch deck that stands out and makes an impact?

Take this 20 minute course and discover exactly what investors are looking for in your pitch deck. 

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Munyaradzi Dzvene

Founder, Proteine Kings

"At Pranary I received encouragement and hope when things were not going well. You taught me about business. The journey of entrepreneurship is not easy, but I've learned a lot and I'm grateful for this. Recently I managed to raise investment. You taught me how to do this.

I've learned stuff which will never be taught in schools. I've learned so many things."

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An important note from our investors:

Learn how to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and investors


Sarah Dusek, co-founder and general partner at Enygma Ventures, shares the importance of bridging the gap between how entrepreneurs pitch their businesses for investment and what investors are actually looking for.


Perfect your Pitch to investors in only 2 days

Get 2 days of intensive support, live sessions, Q&A platforms in exclusive groups, pitch practice opportunity with professional feedback and online content for reference. 

This bootcamp is a game changer for busy entrepreneurs who want to perfect their pitch, quickly. 

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Paid online self-paced courses

How to Pitch Investors

How to pitch for investment without wasting time and money even if you don't know any investors.

Using OPM (other peoples' money) to grow your business is a powerful and effective growth strategy. But with investors receiving dozens or even hundreds of pitches a day... how do you stand out in the crowd and get their attention?

Discover how to powerfully pitch your business in today's marketplace without making the usual rookie errors.  

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How to attract investment and grow the value of your business.

There is money available for investment!

In fact, a new report by AfricArena has revealed that venture capital funding for African startups will reach a record high this year. The problem is that not all businesses are investable.

Discover how to attract investment by thinking like an investor and understanding how to add value  to your business.

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QP Drone Tech

"After going through Pranary my perception changed. I got lessons from founders of companies and investors explained clearly what they were looking for. Sandras, Nicole and the team were very helpful and knowledgeable. And the support from the community is incredible. In fact. This course is one of the best investments I’ve ever made."

Feelgood Health

"During the programme you learn to put together a very well-focused pitch deck. You get a chance to present to people so you can get feedback and refine it. Right at the end of the course there is the opportunity to pitch seriously to the investors. They were happy with my pitch and said they wanted to work with me."