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Game Changer Premium

Join Pranary's Community

Join a community of driven individuals, access valuable resources, and get expert training to help you grow your business. At Pranary Game Changer Premium, founders come together to support and inspire each other to success.

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The ultimate Investor Pitching Course 

Pitch Perfect is a self-paced online course that shows founders how to pitch investors without wasting time and money even if you don’t know any investors or have a business plan. 

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Hosted in Cape Town, South Africa

If you are a bold leader looking to take your game to the next level, join this 3-day life-changing experience guided by mentors and coaches while collaborating with other driven and visionary game-changers at the Biggest Game Retreat. 

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Join 70,000+ people and the companies redefining the tech industry

WebSummit has been described as the world's premier tech summit where the future goest to be born. Hosting world-class speakers that are industry leaders across the globe. 

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Visit the #1 startup ecosystem in the world

Join over 10,000 people from around the world at the Startup Grind Global Conference in the US for an unmatched learning experience and visit some of the top universities, accelerators, and companies in the world.

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Keynote Speakers

Do you need an expert speaker for your event? Hear from practitioners with real experience in the marketplace, investment and education. Whether you are looking for motivation & inspiration, or practical training, we have you covered. 

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Sandras Phiri

CEO & Founder of Pranary and Director of learning at Enygma Ventures

Sarah Dusek

Co-founder & General Partner at Enygma Ventures

Lelemba Phiri

Principal at Africa Trust Group



My two biggest wins from working with Sandras have been understanding how individual values and traits play a massive role on results, both on the personal and business front as well as his guidance on strategies to rise above working in my business to working on it. In his calm focused way, Sandras helped me draw out strategies that have set me on a clear exciting path for growth. His feedback is clear, thought-provoking and relevant. I highly recommend him to my friends in business.



At key moments in my career as an Executive Leader I have engaged Sandras as a sounding board - usually when something feels "locked". He has always shown the ability to have generative conversations with me, and occasionally he gives me really sage advice. In conversations with him I am able to "unlock" the issue (it is rarely what I originally thought the issue was) and in that way he is a real asset to getting me back in the game with the right frame of mind and action plan in place. I place great value in the time I spend with him.

Munyaradzi Dzvene

Founder, Proteine Kings

"At Pranary I received encouragement and hope when things were not going well. You taught me about business. The journey of entrepreneurship is not easy, but I've learned a lot and I'm grateful for this. Recently I managed to raise investment. You taught me how to do this.

I've learned stuff which will never be taught in schools. I've learned so many things."

QP Drone Tech

"After going through Pranary my perception changed. I got lessons from founders of companies and investors explained clearly what they were looking for. Sandras, Nicole and the team were very helpful and knowledgeable. And the support from the community is incredible. In fact. This course is one of the best investments I’ve ever made."

Feelgood Health

"During the programme you learn to put together a very well-focused pitch deck. You get a chance to present to people so you can get feedback and refine it. Right at the end of the course there is the opportunity to pitch seriously to the investors. They were happy with my pitch and said they wanted to work with me."