Discover how to solve the most critical challenges facing all founders in pre-launch and early-stage!

Join us and learn the following invaluable lessons about launching and growing your startup:

  • The best way to quickly launch an investible business
  • How to use disruptive thinking in your business concept to stand out
  • How to sell a new concept 
  • Early-stage marketing strategies to quickly grow your customer base
  • How to raise investment multiple times in a short timespan

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Mark & Lauren Anderson

 During 2020 Mark & Lauren founded Koa Academy - a disruptive online school.

They started from scratch and have since gone on to become the fastest growing online school in Africa. They went from idea, to launch, to raising investment in only 3 months. 
They have agreed to share their winning go-to-market tips with you. 

Quick interesting facts about Koa Academy:

  • Koa was founded in Jan 2021 as a new online school.
  • Koa started with 1 teacher (Mark) and 5 learners and 18 months later have grown to 25 staff and almost 200 learners
  • Koa is the only online school in SA that does learning in 'Pods' which are small groups of 8 to a teacher
  • Koa went from zero to launch to fundraising in 3 months and have raised a second round of investment after only 18 months of operation

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Date: Thursday 30 June 2022
Time: 18:00 CAT
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