How to launch your business in 12 weeks without wasting time and money. 

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If you're here, most likely you're trying to raise funding for your business. Funding that can provide the cash injection you need to meet your next milestones, accelerate your revenue, scale your operations, and create the business you've only dreamed of.

THE GOOD NEWS is that there's plenty of funds available for investment. In fact, a new report by AfricArena has revealed that venture capital funding for African startups will reach a record high this year.

THE BAD NEWS is that not all businesses are investable. 
 There's actually a proven method to assess the investor-readiness of your business and a tested strategy to get yourself investor-ready. 
If you're not sure how to get this done...

That's where we come in!

To launch your business you need to ensure the following:

Develop a winning mindset

Discover the following:
  • Have a clear picture of what you want for your life and for your business.
  • Know what type of business you want to start.
  • Ensure you have a healthy relationship with money and your belief to succeed.
  • Align your business with your most important values.
  • Identify any fears that could be holding you back and consider how to move forward anyway

Know what your funding options are

Discover the following:
  • How investment relates to the type of business you are building.
  • What the different funding options are and how this relates to the stage your business is at.
  • The difference between Angel Investors and Venture Capital and which you should approach.
  • How Venture Capital works and what it means for you and your business
  • What the the investor readiness level of your business is using the 8 key areas investors look at

Create and deliver an impactful pitch

Discover the following:
  • The 10-slide pitch deck based on the format of the most powerful pitches in modern times 
  • The two different versions of your pitch deck
  • What information to add to each slide for maximum results
  • How to ensure your pitch deck looks professional
  • What tools you can use while drawing up your pitch deck
  • How to compile an effective one-line pitch
  • How to compose an engaging elevator pitch 
  • How to prepare a powerful 3-minute pitch 
  • How to deliver a great pitch

Approach investors the right way

Discover the following:
  • Why investors are not easily impressed
  • How to avoid the common mistakes beginners make
  • What challenges investors face that you must overcome
  • How to find the right investors
  • How to introduce yourself to investors

Know your numbers

Discover the following:
  • What key information you must include in your investment ask and how to add it to your pitch deck. 
  • Understand the importance of unit economics in your business.
  • Perform unit economics calculations.
  • Calculate your market size and add it to your pitch deck.

Gain Traction

Discover the following:
  • Define traction for your business.
  • Understand why traction matters.
  • Identify the type of traction you need to build.
  • Generate the traction that will quickly take you to the next step.
  • Know how to incorporate sales into your regular business practices. 
  • How to understand your customer and manage your customer journey.

It's time to ditch the overwhelm & confusion for clarity & progress

Stop trying to do it on your own, or follow advice that yields little or no results.

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In this program, you get the following


Straight forward content and action steps that are easy to apply 


Live tutorials, office hours & group coaching


Personal mentorship from expert practitioners


Opportunities to practice your pitch live and get mentor feedback 

 You'll also get: 

  • The 4 steps to focus on when pitching investors.
    This world-class content is developed by experienced entrepreneurs who have actually raised investment themselves and professional investors who run their own VC funds.
    In other words - it's powerful and relevant. 
  • Lifetime access to the content.
    By purchasing now, you lock in your lifetime price to access all future resources, updates and additional resources. 
  • A guideline on how to set up your investment ask
  • A guideline on how to calculate your market size
  • A guideline on the essential calculations and tracking needs of your business
  • A guideline for due diligence and governance
  • Methods for gaining traction and basic sales hacks
  • Templates to use when contacting investors
  • Templates to use when drawing up your pitch deck
  • Checklists to ensure you are on the right track

Plus we will give you the following bonus:

Google searches can be time consuming and does not always yield the best results. 
We will give you a list of investors you can contact. This will continuously be updated over time as we widen our network of investors. 

And you benefit from the following:

Get unlimited free access to attend our Demo Days as a visitor and learn from the process of pitching in real-time. 

You're also 100% covered by our satisfaction guarantee:

We know that there's a lot of empty promises out there. Since Pranary is developed by experienced entrepreneurs, we know that what we teach is practical, relevant and gets results. This is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Sandras Phiri

Sandras Phiri is the CEO and Founder of Pranary, and Chief Learning Officer at Enygma Ventures. 
He is an expert on startups and revenue growth. He has worked with entrepreneurs from over 50 countries helping them launch, grow and get investor-ready. Sandras has founded several businesses, lectured at over 17 universities and has been to 22 countries. He has a degree in Computer Science and an MBA from the University of Cape Town.
Sandras has been featured in a lot of media including CNBC Africa and has been named one of the 15 tech people to follow in South Africa in 2018 and 2019.

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It's time to launch your business!

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