Pranary Presents

How to Hire the Best Employees
for your Business

Cape Town, Wednesday 27 October, 17:30 CAT

We've brought in a recruitment expert to give you the best tips and hacks for growing your team in today's marketplace.

What you will learn:

  • When you should hire vs contract
  • Who should you hire first
  • What happens when you need the best but cant afford the best
  • Where do you find talent
  • What should I do first before I hire

Meet Your Industry Expert for the Evening

Sasha Knott

Managing Director, Job Crystal

Sasha Knott (MD, Job Crystal) is an entrepreneur, IT specialist, customer experience expert, and industry disruptor through innovative tech solutions. 

Sasha’s current endeavour is to make job seekers’ lives easier while helping SME’s find talent fast and effortlessly! Job Crystal’s new system, Crystal, combines AI, machine learning and UX functionality that makes it easy to find the needle in the haystack for SME’s looking for the best talent. Not only does she meet the need of building powerful teams, but vision is to make a dent in unemployment (watch this space)!

She is also a philanthropist, with her charity work including being a support at TapeAid and now chair of the Kay Mason Foundation. 
Newsworthy Points:
  • Finalist of Business Women of the year in 2018
  • EY Winning Women Class of 2021
  • Finalist in WIA54 (Women in Africa)
  • Job Crystal received investment By Enygma holdings

Why attend?

Growth tips and tactics

Keep yourself and your business growing with access to cutting edge training from industry experts. 

Powerful networking

Harness the power of networking with fellow entrepreneurs, founders, business owners and managers as you expand your network and grow your contacts. 


Connect with others (the old fashioned way), enjoying the venue, drinks, eats and company of like-minded game-changers. 

What's included?

Access to the in-person event in Cape Town

Get access to the in-person live event.

Access to event replays and resources

Get access to exclusive replays of the live training session and all accompanying resources.

Refreshments Included

  • Get free refreshments as part of your in-person experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of this event?

This event will be hosted in-person at Workshop 17. Sandras Phiri- the CEO and Founder of Pranary, will host the event, and our guest for the night will be Sasha Knott, MD at Job Crystal. 

What is the benefit of attending this event?

Not only will you access the power of networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, but you will also get equipping in the most cutting edge strategies and practices needed for business growth in the new business landscape. 

What about Covid restrictions?

We will implement all the necessary Covid-19 precautions and ensure the in-person event meets the required capacity restrictions. 
Please ensure you bring your mask and adhere to social distancing protocols. 

Join us for this in-person event

Who is Pranary?

After a year and a half of running as Startup Circles - we have realised that our name was seen to be restricted to idea-stage startups. However, we've also learnt that we make the biggest impact and difference when we work with existing business, whether early-stage or scale-up.
As a result of these two key leanings we've decided to rebrand and refocus on growing existing businesses. Therefore,

Startup Circles is now Pranary

The name is derived from "prana" which is "life force" and so our practical business school is the place for businesses, whether startup or existing, to get the life force needed to 'cross the chasm' and get into bigger service, bigger growth and bigger impact.