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Cape Town, Wednesday 22 September, 17:30 CAT

Learn the 3 things you must give up as an existing business owner in order for your business to grow.

Meet Your Guest for the Evening


Senior Partner, Sirdar
Tim is a director, mentor, speaker, Trained Demartini Method Facilitator and a leader in the education and implementation of governance in SMEs. He is passionate about rapidly growing privately held businesses and making a meaningful economic impact in South Africa and the rest of the continent.
Sirdar offers an integrated, practical, invested approach to creating a meaningful impact on people, boards, companies and countries.

As Africa’s leading boardroom specialist, Sirdar navigates the way with board advisory services, board governance, board evaluations and assessments, board appointments, and ongoing practical upskilling and education of directors.

Why attend?

Growth tips and tactics

Keep yourself and your business growing with access to cutting edge training from industry experts. 

Powerful networking

Harness the power of networking with fellow entrepreneurs, founders, business owners and managers as you expand your network and grow your contacts. 


Connect with others (the old fashioned way), enjoying the venue, drinks, eats and company of like-minded game-changers. 

What's included?

Access to the in-person event in Cape Town

Get access to the in-person live event.

Access to event replays and resources

Get access to exclusive replays of the live training session and all accompanying resources.

Early Sign-up Bonus

  • Book your ticket before Friday 17 September, and get 20% discount to our Annual Business Growth Conference in November.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of this event?

This event will be hosted in-person at Workshop 17. Sandras Phiri- the CEO and Founder of Pranary, will host the event, and our guest for the night will be. 

What is the benefit of attending this event?

Not only will you access the power of networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, but you will also get equipping in the most cutting edge strategies and practices needed for business growth in the new business landscape. 

What about Covid restrictions?

We will implement all the necessary Covid-19 precautions and ensure the in-person event meets the required capacity restrictions. 
Please ensure you bring your mask and adhere to social distancing protocols. 

Join us for this in-person event

Who is Pranary?

After a year and a half of running as Startup Circles - we have realised that our name was seen to be restricted to idea-stage startups. However, we've also learnt that we make the biggest impact and difference when we work with existing business, whether early-stage or scale-up.

As a result of these two key leanings we've decided to rebrand and refocus on growing existing businesses. Therefore,

Startup Circles is now Pranary

The name is derived from "prana" which is "life force" and so our practical business school is the place for businesses, whether startup or existing, to get the life force needed to 'cross the chasm' and get into bigger service, bigger growth and bigger impact.