Launchpad info session

Launch Your Startup Without Wasting Time and Money

If you're seeking to launch your startup without wasting time or money even if you don't have any contacts, Pranary's Launchpad program can give you the tools and know-how you need.

LaunchPad info session
Wed 29 June OR Mon 4 July | 18:00 CAT

LaunchPad will help you:

  • validate your idea,
  • figure out how to bring in tech people if you're a non-tech founder,
  • give you a process to find product market fit,
  • launch your business while holding a job,
  • get the interest of investors and clients alike

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If you're seeking to launch a startup without wasting time or money, Pranary's Launchpad program can give you the tools and know-how you need. From testing and marketing your idea to getting investor interest, Launchpad can help you get your business off the ground quickly and efficiently.

So, forget about business plans, development spec documents, financial projections, and all the other barriers to getting started—and join us for an information session on how to launch your business the right way.

If you have an idea for a business or app and want to launch it, Launchpad is for you! If you're in a job and not sure how to start your dream business, Launchpad can help you take the first steps. If you've already launched your business, Launchpad can assist with marketing it. If you have many ideas and would like to choose one to pursue, Launchpad can help you focus your efforts.

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Sandras Phiri is the CEO and founder of Pranary, the practical business school for entrepreneurs. He is an expert on entrepreneurship and innovation. He has founded successful companies in IT, entertainment and education. He has worked with over 25 organisations, lectured at over 17 universities and been to 23 countries.

He is the director of entrepreneurship development at Africa Trust Group, the fund manager for Enygma Ventures, and former Director of Startup Grind Cape Town, Johannesburg and Luaska.

Sandras has been taught by teachers such as Dr John Demartini, Roger Hamilton and Tony Robbins. He has shared stages with Facebook and Asana co-founder Dustin Maskovitch, Youtube co-founder Steve Chen, Guy Kawasaki, Steve Blank and Clayton Christensen. 

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Dates: Wed 29 June OR Mon 4 July
Time: 18:00 CAT
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