Startup Launch: Investor-readiness for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs

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Investor-readiness for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs

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It's time to launch your startup

This 2-month 'done with you' programme helps you to launch your business and get investor-ready by focusing on the practical steps that get results.
  • Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and world-class mentors
  • Practice your pitch and get access to investors
  • Understand what matters most when starting out

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Registration is now open. 
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Need answers to the following questions?

Our unique approach ensures that your business is investor-ready by the end of this programme.

How do I launch a financially viable business?

Learn the essential principles of building a business that provides massive return on investment and can grow exponentially.

How does investment work?

Learn the funding options available to you at different stages, and what the processes are from application to governance.

How do I attract investment?

Learn how investors think, what matters most to them, and what they will look for in your business.

How do I focus on the things that matter most?

Learn how break free from the deadly cycle of busyness with no real results by focusing on the right things.

Pranary is the practical business school for entrepreneurs — designed by experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Get your business off the ground in just two months with insight and coaching you can’t get anywhere else.
We’ll help you cut through the noise with practical, hands-on learning that equips you to handle both the ownership and funding aspects of your business from the start.

  • All content and sessions are online.
  • Access at your own pace.
  • Join from anywhere in the world.  

See what our alumni are saying

"In the four years of building my company, attending a number of programs and  pivoting 5 times, nobody has given my team and I half the knowledge we have received from [Pranary] in the last 4 weeks."
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Gasta Kevin
"Startup Launch has introduced our team to a community of brilliant, like-minded entrepreneurs, from across the continent, with whom we’re exchanging a wealth of knowledge and experiences in the entrepreneurship journey."
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Patron Assist
"I was part of the Y Combinator Startup School this January and I still feel I am gaining more at [Pranary] than at YC cohort. I think the reason is because we get to talk to Sandras and mentors directly, as well as other Entrepreneurs."
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Oladimeji Luqman Malomo
Push Eat
"It's just really amazing to have a sounding board. It's amazing to know there are people who know what you are doing, understand what you do, and that you can reach out to."
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Caley van der Kolk
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"I'm glad I made the journey. It changed my life, it changed my thinking, and it's going to change everything I do business wise. It's an investment whose return is one million percent back. I would encourage anyone to join Startup Circles."
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"After going through Startup Launch my perception changed. I got lessons from founders of companies and investors explained clearly what they were looking for. Sandras, Nicole and the team were very helpful and knowledgeable. And the support from the community is incredible. In fact. This course is one of the best investments I’ve ever made."
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Queen Ndlovu
QP Drone Tech
“I must say the team has given me the direction on what we actually needed to focus on more. The current pandemic set back our MVP, but with feedback from the program we have restructured our value proposition and aligned on our target customers, and are testing it now."
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"During the programme you learn to put together a very well-focused pitch deck. You get a chance to present to people so you can get feedback and refine it. Right at the end of the course there is the opportunity to pitch seriously to the investors. They were happy with my pitch and said they wanted to work with me."  
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Michele Carelse
Feel Good Health

Join The Startup Launch Programme

Registration is now open. 
Take advantage of this limited-time scholarship offer.

Benefits of our comprehensive 'done with you' programmes

Experienced entrepreneurs and investors have designed the most effective learning path for you.


Cut through confusing jargon and learn essential, transferable business skills.


Stay on track with weekly tutorial sessions and office hours offered by seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors.


Pitch effectively from the start with the help of practice sessions and opportunities to pitch in front of investors.


Test and refine your processes and strategies. We offer a safe space to experiment and fail until you’ve reached a breakthrough.


Track progress toward measurable goals and get actionable feedback every step of the way.


Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. Our students' success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training.

These are the live components of the programme:

Live Tutorials

Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Office Hours

Using Calendly booking

Weekly Pitch Practice

Thursday or Friday
16:00 CAT

Demo Days

Last Friday of each month
16:00 CAT
After the initial 8 weeks, you’ll still be able to access the entire library of training materials and can review them as often as you like.

Sandras Phiri

Sandras is an expert on entrepreneurship and innovation. He has founded successful companies in IT, entertainment and startup education. He has worked with over 25 organisations, lectured at over 17 universities and been to 22 countries. 

Sandras has a degree in Computer Science and an MBA from UCT. He has been taught by teachers such as Dr John Demartini, Roger Hamilton and Tony Robbins. He has shared stages with Facebook and Asana co-founder Dustin Maskovitch, Youtube co-founder Steve Chen, Guy Kawasaki, Steve Blank and Clayton Christensen. 

Meet the course mentors and other contributors

Sarah Dusek

Co-Founder & General Partner
Enygma Ventures
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Lelemba Phiri

Enygma Ventures

Ariel Sumeruk

Conversion Science

Abhinav Gautam

CEO & Founder
FreshBox Rwanda

Nicole Evans

Senior Product Manager

Mupota Muchelemba

Managing Director
Seidor Zambia

Henry Pray

Director of Product Management

Simon Stockley

SA Homeloans

Join The Startup Launch Programme

Registration is now open. 
Take advantage of this limited-time scholarship offer.

Here's what we cover in this programme

Developing a winning mindset

Have a clear picture of what you want for your life and for your business.

Summarise your business

Clearly define your business and create an effective one-line pitch and elevator pitch. 

Customer discovery

Find out who your ideal customers are and describe their habits and actions. 

Customer interviews

Get accurate customer responses using effective interview techniques and analysing results. 

Pitch like a pro

Create your 10-slide pitch deck and learn how to deliver your pitch in an impactful way. 

Funding options

Understand what the different funding options are and which one is the best option for you.

Unit economics

Calculate your unit economics to determine profit potential and product viability.

Market sizing

Calculate your market size to indicate the growth potential of your business. 

Gaining traction

Gain the traction that you need to prove you have a viable business idea.

Your investment ask

Articulate your investment ask in a way that makes sense to investors.

Value proposition

Generate a value proposition that resonates with customers and creates clarity. 

How to sell

Prioritise sales and use modern marketing to generate revenue and keep your business running

Frequently asked questions

Can I join even if I am still coming up with ideas?

Yes! We can help you select your best ideas and test them with customers. The first Idea or solution we develop often doesn’t work, it needs to be tested with real customers and changed based on their feedback. The earlier you join, faster you learn from not only customers, but also mentors and investors.

How long is the Startup Launch Programme?

The programme is 8 weeks long. We’ve found that 8 weeks is the perfect duration for a structured programme – it doesn’t feel too long or too short. With enough focus you can make real, tangible progress on your business in just 2 months.

I've already built businesses before, is this programme for me?

Yes!  We have tutorial sessions, office hours on, pitch practice and demo days with investors to help scale your pre-existing business. The structure offers accountability and provides an outline to fast-track your progress. If you like the idea of this level of support, then come on board!

Do I get a dedicated mentor throughout the programme?

No. However, we believe that when you have the same mentor, you’re missing out on experience and lessons from other mentors. Startup Circles has a range of mentors and we aim to connect you to the best person based on the challenges and contexts that present themselves. We ask that you come prepared to make the most of your mentoring sessions.

Are all the sessions and pitch days virtual?

Yes! We are available anytime, anywhere. We run our sessions over digital platforms like Zoom. The advantage of global access does however mean that you will need a good internet connection for live sessions and pitching presentations.

Which investors do we pitch in front of?

Our main investor is Enygma Ventures. Enygma Ventures has invested in Startup Circles and other startups supported by the Startup Circles team. In addition to Enygma Ventures we invite external investors to attend our demo days. The external investors are from a range of industries and backgrounds.

Do you offer a refund?

We offer a refund on all our products. This means you can join 
risk-free. Join this programme, and if after 30 days you feel it’s not 
right for you, get in touch and we will arrange a full refund. 

What are the partner perks that form part of the deal?

  • $5,000 in Amazon Web Service Credits valid for 2 years and 1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $1,500)
  • $4,000 credits across Freshworks products
  • Six months of access to Zendesk Support Suite and Sales CRM
  • Startup Friendly Pricing to HubSpot’s growth stack software package as follows: 90% discounts year 1, 50% year 2 and 25% ever after with HubSpot. (This is an average savings of $17,000 in the first year!)

If you've read this far... you owe it to yourself to answer the following questions.

  • What could happen if I commit to a programme that is focused on supporting me to succeed?
  • What results could I get if I join an experienced team of mentors and a supportive team of like-minded entrepreneurs?
  • What am I willing to do to see my business idea become a reality?

Join The Startup Launch Programme

Registration is now open. 
Take advantage of this limited-time scholarship offer.