Thursday 8 June, 19:00 CAT
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Harness the Potential of ChatGPT and Other AI Tools to Transform Your Business


AI won't make your job or business redundant...

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When you show up live to the webinar, you'll walk away with an overview of how to future-proof your business and career by embracing ChatGPT and other AI tools.

At this training, you will discover:

  • How AI technologies like ChatGPT can make your life easier and streamline your daily operations

  • Practical examples of what AI can do, including generating content, proposals, CVs, and even creating software

  • The possibilities of generative AI and witness how it can transform text into images and other creative outputs

  • A sneak peek into other exciting AI capabilities and their potential impact on your business.

  • Real-world applications of AI in various industries and learn how it can benefit your specific business.

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