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Welcome to Boost Growth,

where your entrepreneurial journey is geared for expansion. If you're past the initial revenue stage, yet find yourself wanting to turbocharge your business, you're in the right place.

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Hi! I'm Sandras Phiri. I'm the CEO & Founder of Pranary - your partner for growth!

I am a different person today, personally and professionally, because of the coaching I received from experienced practitioners who were one step ahead of me.

I've walked the path you're on now, and I understand the challenges you face.

From my experience, I know that a different reality starts with thinking differently and getting support to implement. 

That's why I offer different coaching programs - to give you the perspective, tools and support you need for change. 

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Types of coaching on offer

Boost Growth Pro Package

Join a select group of motivated individuals in a value-driven coaching experience, meticulously designed to foster collective growth and individual success. This package is perfect for those who thrive in a collaborative environment.

Boost Growth Elite Package

Experience the power of personalised guidance with our premium one-on-one coaching service. The Growth Elite package is ideal for those seeking focused, individual attention and is committed to achieving new heights in their personal development, business ventures, and career trajectory.

IS Boost Growth RIGHT FOR YOU?

Do you ever feel like your business has hit a plateau, struggling to scale to the next level? Are you looking to boost sales and marketing, leverage technology for automation, implement efficient systems and processes for growth, retain valuable customers, and measure the right metrics to make informed decisions?

If any of this resonates with you, then Boost Growth is your solution.

You'll receive expert guidance tailored to your specific business goals. We'll equip you with strategies to excel in sales and marketing, utilise technology for scaling and automation, streamline your operations for growth, boost customer retention, and measure the metrics that matter most. It's all about accelerating your growth and scaling with confidence.


Package highlights indicated below:



Monthly Subscription

  • Two virtual group coaching calls per month, focusing on efficiently growing and scaling your post-revenue business
  • Access to a wealth of learning resources and tools to supercharge your growth
  • Membership in an exclusive WhatsApp group for invaluable support and networking
  • Exclusive opportunities for discounted access to other Pranary offerings
  • A limited cohort size ensures you receive personalised attention
  • Accountability, tracking, and unwavering support to make your growth a resounding success
  • Program tailored to 9 months duration



Monthly subscription

  • Two private, one-on-one virtual coaching calls per month, each session lasting 30 minutes and focusing on your unique needs and goals
  • Access to a wealth of learning resources and tools to supercharge your growth
  • Personalised strategies and advice tailored to your unique journey and objectives
  • Exclusive opportunities for discounted access to other Pranary offerings
  • Minimum subscription period of three months, providing a concentrated pathway to achieve your ambitions

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