Top tips for getting into large retailers

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Would you like to get your products into large retailers or even break into the international market?

We hosted Morongwe and Michelle Mokone - the founders of Mo's Crib. Mo’s Crib is a South African based eccentric home décor design company which specialises in manufacturing sustainable handmade décor items. They got into large retailers like Woolworths and Builders Warehouse, as well as international stores like Crate and Barrel. 

Learn the strategy they used to accomplish this.


Getting into large retailers

Getting into large retailers is less about the contacts you have and more about the product you offer.

Despite what you may think, all it takes to get the attention of big buyers is determination, cold calling, emailing using research from LinkedIn, and a LOT of following up. Remember that it is the job of buyers to bring the next big product into their store. You need to make it easy for them to choose you.

You do this in 3 ways:

  1. Have a product that is unique and offers great value to their customers. Be sure that the company you are approaching is a good fit for your values and product line.
  2. Be retail-ready. You need to ensure you have the necessary standards met, and that you have taken on feedback from customers and made the adjustments to your product to ensure it meets their needs and creates desire.
  3. Follow up. If you don't hear from them after your initial contact, follow up. Even if they initially said no, you can follow up with updates to your products or packaging or customer feedback. Be hard to ignore, but easy to work with.


Getting into the international market

Approach the international market the same way as your local market - with research, contact, persistence and presence.

  1. Remember that your marketing does a lot of the talking for you.
  2. It is also essential to be aware of who your competition is, and to show them how you are a better fit.
  3. Keep in mind the time and cost it takes to send samples to international stores.


REMEMBER that your marketing is your spokesperson. You need to ensure that your brand speaks for itself, and that your brochures and online presence communicates for you. Make sure it's professional, looks great, and tells your story. 

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