This is how you get funded

May 13, 2021

 Securing funding is one of the most difficult things to do for new ventures. Getting enough funds is crucial for sourcing the right technology, hiring the right people, and launching an impactful marketing strategy

Besides teaching you how to develop the right connections that will position you into the funding sweet spot, you will also learn how to

  • Create an investment-friendly business model
  • Determine how much funding you need
  • Evaluate funding options
    Manage your finances

It’s important for small businesses and startup ventures to put their business in a powerful position before looking for funding. That is exactly what our programs will help you to achieve. We provide you with a complete funding roadmap – right from refining your idea, creating a winning business model, thought to pitching to investors. You will also be able to find out directly from our panel of investors:

  • What it is they are looking for
  • How the investment process works
  • What they need to hear from you to increase your chances of getting funded
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