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Let's dive into a key concept that can truly transform your financial journey: the Wealth Lighthouse. During our recent summit, I shed light on this crucial framework developed by the renowned Roger Hamilton, from Wealth Dynamics. This test, also called the Impact test, reveals nine distinct levels, each representing a significant phase in your path towards financial success.

You might be wondering why it is important to know what level you are on. Picture wealth progression as driving a car. Just as different gears require specific handling, each level of wealth demands different approaches. The advice, strategies, freedom, risk tolerance, and influence on others all vary depending on your level. For instance, the financial principles for someone at level 0 (Infrared) are vastly different from those applicable to Warren Buffet, who operates at level 8. Join me as we explore the Wealth Lighthouse and embark on a journey towards financial prosperity.


The Nine Levels of the Wealth Lighthouse

In the Impact test, there are nine distinct levels, each signifying a crucial phase in the journey towards financial success. Understanding these levels can provide invaluable insights into one's financial strategy and personal development. They are listed below:

  • Level 0: Infrared - The Victim
  • Level 1: Red - The Survivor
  • Level 2: Orange - The Worker
  • Level 3: Yellow - The Player
  • Level 4: Green - The Performer
  • Level 5: Blue - The Conductor
  • Level 6: Indigo - The Trustee
  • Level 7: Violet - The Composer
  • Level 8: Ultra Violet - The Legend

Each level encompasses unique characteristics and challenges, delineating the various stages individuals may encounter in their pursuit of financial growth and prosperity. Understanding these levels can serve as a guiding compass in navigating the complexities of wealth accumulation and personal development.

The Three Primary Prisms

These 9 levels are further grouped into three primary prisms. These prisms serve as fundamental frameworks that illuminate the progression of wealth and financial development within each phase of the journey.

  1. Foundation Prism (Level 1 through Level 2): This initial phase focuses on establishing a strong financial base, emphasizing survival and establishing basic financial structures.
  2. Enterprise Prism (Level 3 through Level 5): The focus shifts to growing one's financial influence, creating a solid entrepreneurial platform, and maximizing wealth-generating potential during this phase.
  3. Alchemy Prism (Level 6 through Level 8): This advanced stage is characterized by the transformation of wealth and the ability to leverage it for greater impact and influence, leading to a legacy-building approach.

Promoting Yourself to The Enterprise Prism

Digging deeper into the foundational prism's initial three levels, we aim to provide entrepreneurs with the insights necessary to ascend towards the enterprise prism, fostering a pathway to heightened financial success.


Level 0: Infrared - The Victim

How do you get there

  • Lacking attention to financial affairs
  • Absence of financial flow management
  • Operating without fundamental knowledge

How do you stay there

  • Keep trying to do it yourself
  • Attributing financial difficulties to external factors
  • Pick a fight

How do you move up

  • Measure your money (How much are you getting in; How much are you spending)
  • Commit to a conduct (I will show up at this time, I will call 10 potential clients every day, etc.) What do you need to commit to?

Level 1: Red - The Survivor

How do you get there

  • Impatience towards financial growth
  • Succumbing to distractions and new ideas
  • Unwillingness to let go of unsuccessful endeavours

How do you stay there

  • Maintaining a survivor mindset
  • Refraining from strategic risk-taking
  • Neglecting to develop effective connections

How do you move up

  • Pinpoint your passions
  • Set your standards, and stick to them
  • Cultivating beneficial connections
  • Follow the flow (Go where the money is, use systems that are already in place)

Level 2: Orange - The Worker

How do you get there

  • Prioritising hard work and effort for financial gain
  • Lack of knowledge on income multiplication techniques
  • Over-reliance on external sources for income generation

How do you stay there

  • Continued focus on your job for financial stability
  • Insufficient exploration of alternative income sources
  • Hesitation to explore avenues for increased financial freedom

How do you move up

  • Identify and maximise personal strengths
  • Cultivate a strategic mindset and pursue alternative income streams
  • Foster collaborative relationships

These descriptions aim to provide an in-depth understanding of the journey through the foundational prism and offer guidance for individuals seeking to progress towards higher levels of financial success.


Understanding the foundational stages within the Wealth Spectrum is vital for entrepreneurs aiming to elevate their financial paths. By recognising the unique challenges and necessary steps for progression within each level, individuals can navigate the complexities of wealth dynamics with confidence.

We would like to invite you to take this test for yourself. It is free, and it can provide you with great insights for you to move forward. 

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