A new approach to educating entrepreneurs

The practical alternative to an MBA

Our entrepreneurship education programs are for individuals that want to transform their business ideas into profitable startup companies.

Our core programmes are designed to build a solid foundation for entrepreneurial success, with a mix of hard and soft skills that are essential for founders that bootstrap their ventures until it becomes fundable.

Our cohort-based programs are based around communities of participants and expert mentors which will encourage you and inspire you to grow.

During our programmes, participants develop skills and behaviours that individuals need to create profitable and scalable startup businesses, including :

Entrepreneurial Mindset

To turn valuable ideas into sustainable businesses, entrepreneurs must be energetic, innovative, resilient and open-minded. I programs provide you with the skills to cultivate these behaviours and way of thinking. The Entrepreneurial Mindset element of the Ignition and Startup Launch programs equips participants with the ability to identify and act on business opportunities, even under difficult circumstances.

Idea Validation

If you learn how to test the usefulness of your business ideas for your target customers, you can form a realistic picture of whether it’s worth investing time, money and resources in developing it. In our ignition program you will learn to : 
  • Discover who your product or service is useful for and test their interest.
  • Estimate the market size to calculate potential sales and profit
  • Analyse competing products to identify how you can stand to gain market share.

Business Model Development

Enabling entrepreneurs to create value for their target market and more importantly, profit and grow from this interaction, is an important part of our programs. Both our Ignition and Startup Launch equips you to create a practical business that generates profits by delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Financial education for entrepreneurs

To make money from a great business idea entrepreneurs must be able to calculate how much it will cost to get a customer and to produce a product or service unit. Our Ignition Program includes training on essential financial skills that equips entrepreneurs to calculate the cost of doing business, assess the value of their assets and evaluate their businesses.

Sales and Marketing for Startups

For a new business, becoming profitable is one of the most important challenges, and this hinges entirely on how much customers it can find that are willing to pay them money for the solutions they provide.

Fundraising for Entrepreneurs

Funding is the fuel that enables and accelerates the development of businesses and allow it to achieve its growth potential. We equip entrepreneurs to create winning fundraising strategies underpinned by solid financials and practical business models. The pinnacle of our fundraising training is our practice pitch sessions and monthly investor demo day, where our program participants take a shot at getting funded by a panel of investors.

Governance for startups

When a diverse set of people with different terms and interests work together to bring an innovative idea to market, it’s important for entrepreneurs to understand how governance principles can reduce the risk for founders and investors. In our ignition program, you will learn what changes and risks to look out for, how to negotiate terms with funders and co-funders, and the advantages and disadvantages of different corporate structures.

Startup Support

We place great value in peer to peer support and expert mentorship to help cohort participants achieve their startup founding goals and learn invaluable skills along the way. You can expect interaction with seasoned entrepreneurs and fellow founders in the Ignition and Founders Circle programs, perfect your pitch in front of our in-house mentors, and one on one tutoring sessions.

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