Essential Insights for Raising Investment in African Businesses

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In today's tough business world, getting investment is a big deal for entrepreneurs. If you run a small to medium business in Africa, we're here to help. We know raising money can be tricky, but don't worry – we'll give you practical advice to make it easier.

In this concise guide we’ll break down key things about getting investment in Africa in 2023 and beyond. Our aim? To make this journey clearer for you and your business. So, let's start your path to securing the investment that can boost your business.

Point 1: Understand The Investor's Perspective

Investors, whether they are individuals, venture capitalists, or institutions, approach investments with a particular mindset. It's essential for entrepreneurs seeking funding to understand this perspective to increase their chances of success.

Investors Seek a Balance Between Risk and Return

Imagine this: investors are like tightrope walkers, carefully balancing between risk and return. They want to ensure that the potential reward of investing in your business outweighs the risks involved. To catch their attention, you need to demonstrate that you have a safety net in place — show them how you minimise risk for your business.

Why Alignment Matters

Investors have their own goals and strategies. They might be looking for quick returns or long-term growth. Understanding these expectations is like learning their dance moves. By aligning your business goals with their investment objectives, you increase your chances of being seen as a desirable partner.

Remember, it's a two-way street. To secure investment successfully, you should not only showcase the potential of your venture but also understand what investors seek in return.

Point 2: Essential Insights for Raising Investment

Securing investment can be challenging, but we have some essential takeaways gleaned directly from our partner investors, like Lelemba Phiri, Principal at Africa Trust Group, that can significantly boost your chances.

These include:

  • Risk Mitigation is Key: Investors want to minimize risks. Focus on showing how you've addressed potential challenges and built safeguards into your business strategy.
  • Investor-Market Fit: Not all investors are the same. Find those who align with your industry and growth stage. Targeting the right investors increases your chances of success.
  • Scalable businesses: VCs are the most attracted to scalable businesses due to their potential for high returns, while solo entrepreneurs and small businesses may need to seek investment from angel investors who are willing to take on more risk.
  • Clear Value Proposition: Investors need to see the value in your venture. Highlight how your business solves a problem or fulfills a need in the market.
  • Know Your Numbers: Be well-versed in your financials. Investors appreciate entrepreneurs who can confidently discuss revenue projections, expenses, and growth strategies.
  • Traction Speaks Loudest: Investors want to see that your business is gaining customers, making sales, or achieving significant milestones. Generating sales is the best way to prove the viability of a business.
  • Relationship Building: Building trust is paramount. Investors often bet on the entrepreneur as much as the idea. Cultivate relationships and network within the investment community.
  • 10-Slide Pitch Deck: Draw up a powerful 10-slide pitch deck to ensure that you cover all the essentials of your business, without overwhelming your audience with irrelevant information. You can use our 10-slide pitch deck as a template.
  • Effective Pitching: Your pitch should be clear, concise, and captivating. Investors receive numerous proposals, so make sure yours stands out.
  • Keep business records: Keep the following as a bare minimum: monthly management accounts, bank statements, and tax compliance records. Having these things in place can significantly speed up the process of raising investment.
  • Legal and Financial Compliance: Ensure that your business is legally sound and financially compliant. Investors appreciate entrepreneurs who take governance seriously.
  • Adaptability: Be ready to pivot if necessary. Investors admire entrepreneurs who can adapt to changing market conditions.
  • Explore Grants: Grants are prevalent in Africa, and are typically available from startup to scale-up. They can be obtained from either government agencies, NPOs or competitions. The primary cost involved here is administrative and reporting cost included in the terms of the grant.
  • Investment isn’t always required: Alternative sources of funding are available for working capital needs, asset and property purchases and extensions, such as overdrafts, loans and mortgages. VCs invest primarily in scaling operations.

These insights provide a roadmap for entrepreneurs seeking investment. Remember, while raising investment isn't easy, understanding these key points can significantly improve your odds of success.


I hope you feel empowered now that you are equipped with some vital insights to guide you on your journey of raising investment. Of course, it's not enough to know these insights; you must put them into action. Take deliberate steps to align your business with investors' expectations, highlight your value proposition, and master the art of effective pitching.

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The path to securing investment might be challenging, but armed with knowledge and determination, you're well on your way to success.


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